About Jack


I had to sit and think of what I wanted to write and what I wanted everyone to know, so I sat for 10 minutes and this is what I came up with. I think we will call it Jack’s Story.

Subconsciously I came up with this name from a painting hanging on my bedroom wall, it’s an original by one of my friends and it depicts a mother holding her stomach with her visible twins. It is definitely not a sad story about an unborn baby, but more about my unborn ideas I would like to bring into the world

In 2016, on a warm summer’s day, staring unemployment in the face, I started planning on creating my own clothing line, I had a cool name and a great idea, all I needed was the cash money to do it. I scraped together a few cents and bought some fabric, the cheapest I could find, and stitched it together with a borrowed sewing machine from the 80’s. I created 4 clothing pieces and at the very end before I wanted to take photos of it I ruined it and threw it away, because I am too hard on myself and I felt like it wouldn’t work.

Now that I look back and I realise three things. I was too hard on myself, the clothing was terrible and I had a big love for strong male proper nouns, but more about the names a little later. It has taken me 2 years, 4 months, 16 days and 3 hours to get myself to believe in myself again and to sit, breathe and start drawing up the plans for this adventure. I needed an entry way to this market and found a Mega store, or so they said, to stock some of my items. After many days of back and forth my team and I decided that we would rather try a different route and so Jack Unborn became an online store.

Many people asked me why the name Jack Unborn and the answer is simple. Jack is such a strong name for me, I’ve never met a Jack, but think about it. I felt Jack needed a surname so I chose mine. Brown (and yes it sounded like a country star that probably would be singing of his ex.) I took the letters from my surname and I mixed it up a little and found the word born in it, but Jack Born also didn’t have the ring it needed. Thanks to a little help from my friends (now I have that song stuck in my head) I found the “UN” in the mystery of all and it became Jack Unborn.

Jack Unborn was just a name. We still had to make it something before we started losing interest. With my great acting skills, the ability to cry on demand and my knees raw of begging, I curated the great team I have today helping with designs, websites, sales & all the other little things not everyone knows about behind the scenes and for each and every one I am grateful.

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Jack & his team.